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Asmir Lalic

Urban Regeneration & Innovation

Asmir has a raving obsession with sociocultural dynamics and their intersections with our decision-making impulses. He embraces the loudness of thought, as shown by his love of free jazz and noise music.

Asmir was welcomed into PlusValue in 2022 as a junior researcher examining social impact issues and community engagement models. His background includes work on a vast number of social inclusion projects focused on leftfield arts, gender policies and economic sustainability, with extensive experience in reconceptualising human well-being and social growth alongside creating new models and practices of community development. His political and philosophical studies informed the design of these projects, driving real-world results and creating even more impactful, practical possibilities for enhancing human life.

He is very passionate about Italian visual and sound poetry, linguistics, the Japanese improvisation movement and easy hiking. Least but not last, his passion for food resembles a’ La Gran Bouffe.

“Information leaks through these words. Each time I use them new things appear”
– Ron Silliman

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