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Caterina Aita

Project Manager
Impact and ESG

Caterina is a citizen of the world with an extreme sense of duty to support companies to generate a positive impact on the environment and society. Although she work well individually, she feels that working in a team is vital to promote knowledge-sharing and drive better results.

Caterina joined PlusValue at the beginning of 2022 as an expert in Sustainability and ESG issues. She has developed her professional experience in the Sustainability field being part of well-known companies such as Ernst & Young (EY), SCS Consulting, and Fincantieri. During her experience, she supported financial and industrial companies to integrate sustainable strategies in their business.

She was born in Trieste (Italy), but has been on the move since she was young, settling in different countries such as Colombia, Israel, China, the USA and the United Kingdom, among other countries. All these experiences allowed her to open her mentality to new cultures and different habits.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science (University of Trieste). Then, being attracted by the teaching methods of English universities, she pursued an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Management at Brunel University London.

Caterina is a professional roller-skater: in her free time, she enjoys jumping and feels liberated on those 8 wheels. In addition, she loves to dance salsa, merengue and bachata.

“Passion is the key instrument that makes new things happen.”
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