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With European Commission

DESIRE Designing the Irresistible Circular Society

Europe - Milan

Sept2022 – Sept202

Horizon Missions (CSA) – New European Bauhaus


Urban Regeneration

2016 - present

European Project

Urban Regeneration

Social Innovation

Circular Economy

A new vision for the built environment, a growing learning community, ultimately a movement.

The project aims to tackle the major challenges faced by societies and cities: climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource challenges. Based on three main themes of inclusivity, circularity and reconciling cities with nature, the project will use art, architecture, and design to explore alternative ways of transforming territories across different European cities.

PlusValue leads on one of the territorial demonstrators, MIND – Milan Innovation District, where it experiments how and to what extent a systemic and symbiotic approach to resource and recycling loops can inspire urban development relating to constructing new buildings and rethinking the urban landscape.

Project impact

€5 billion

Total EU financing


a new vision for the built environment

8 cities

involved across Europe as territorial demonstrator sites


a learning movement and community

We are proud of...

Being part of New European Bauhaus lighthouse demonstrator

DESIRE is one of the five selected and awarded projects for the €25 million call for the development of ‘lighthouse demonstrators' of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) supported by the President Ursula von der Leyen. Final aim is to guide future initiatives of the NEB.

Bringing MIND as a demonstrator of urban transformations

Together with Politecnico of Milan, we made it possible for MIND to be awarded as one of the eight territorial transformation sites where to manifest the NEB (New European Bauhaus) values and experiment new concrete approaches to transformation in cities and urban environment.

“PlusValue is not a typical consultancy. Its dedication and seemingly unlimited network enable this team to deliver consistently superb results”

Andrea Ruckstuhl, Head of Continental Europe, Lendlease

Creating a learning environment

In the spirit of the original Bauhaus school, being part of this project bring us together with an open community of practitioners, planners, citizens who aim to build a learning environment to enable an emerging learning for aesthetic, inclusive and sustainable urban transformation.

Group 89 (2)

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