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Fiorenza Lipparini

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Fiorenza has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and knowledgeable people. She found herself becoming an expert in the most diverse areas, believing that real change is always a matter of empowering the right people to work together towards the achievement of the greater good.

Fiorenza is Founding Partner and Director of Research at PlusValue. Her fields of specialised research are impact investing, impact assessment, urban regeneration, innovation ecosystems, EU RDI programs and policies, and participatory research. Fiorenza has extensive experience in urban regeneration projects in Italy and in the UK, specifically public-private partnerships. She leads the work on ecosystem analysis, managing a broad network of stakeholders and intermediary organisations, as well as developing business models, and more specifically, financial models.

She is also research Fellow at UCL’s Institute for Finance and Technology and Senior Researcher at the Global Institute for Innovation Districts. Before joining PlusValue, Fiorenza worked for The Young Foundation as EU policy senior analyst. She had been a policy analyst in Brussels for Intesa San Paolo for the previous four years, and in 2010 she served as a policy analyst for Atomium Culture. Today, she is regularly consulted by the European Commission on innovation (social and technological) and socio-economic development.

She holds a PhD in Linguistics and is the author of numerous articles, reports and books.

Fiorenza is a keen skier and a pro swimmer. If she is not writing a bid you can find her swooshing in the Alps or snorkelling in the Eolian islands.

“Tell me something I don’t know” Personal quote

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