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Francesco La Loggia

Project & Stakeholder Manager
Urban Regeneration and Innovation

Francesco is a people person and a problem solver: he loves to connect dots figuring paths yet unthought.

As a qualified lawyer, Francesco worked in the corporate and administrative law department of top firms such as Legance and PWC in Rome for five years. He advised companies operating in traditional and renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic and CO2 emissions’ projects) and large privately held companies on public tenders. Then, he gained experience in managing the PR and organizing events for international political campaigns.

Francesco holds a Master’s Degree in Law (Bocconi University) and earned a Masters in Public Relations from the University of the Arts in London in 2019 with a dissertation on crisis communication about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

Francesco comes from Sicily and he is deeply in love with his island. If he is not working, you can find him on the seaside or figuring out innovative ways to cook eggplants.

“No matter how big the project, the starting point will always be a conversation. Between people. Possibly with laughter.”
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