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With Lendlease

Impact investing solution for the Treviso hospital


2016 - present

Urban regeneration


Urban Regeneration

2016 - present

Urban regeneration



Impact Investing

Developing an impact investing solution for the new hospital of Treviso

With support from the European Investment Bank (EIB), who supplied a loan of €29 million, we are aiding the real estate company Lendlease in the redevelopment of the hospital in Treviso, Ospedal Grando, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare services offered there.

The public-private partnership between the EIB and Lendlease has fostered the creation of an impact investment fund, managed through the company “Finanza e Progetti SpA”, which is dedicated to impact initiatives for the hospital facility.

Our role has been to develop the impact investment model, the structure through which capital saved on the EIB loan is used to affect positive change in the hospital in Treviso. Simultaneously, we have pioneered the Impact Certification Framework in order to verify that impact investment activities are used to this end.

Project impact


Financial backing for the project

144 m2

Regenerated space


Beds added to the hospital facility

We are proud of...

Leveraging impact for capital

We are spearheading the impact model which is fundamental to financing the hospital refurbishment. This entails a discount on the price of capital offered by the EIB in exchange for the capital saved being used to fund impact initiatives.

Driving impact through innovation

The impact fund recently invested in Stem Sel, a University of Bologna spinoff developing stem cell imaging and collection technologies. Additionally, the fund was used to finance two life-saving ventilators during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“PlusValue is not a typical consultancy. Its dedication and seemingly unlimited network enable this team to deliver consistently superb results”

Andrea Ruckstuhl, Head of Continental Europe, Lendlease

Monitoring the value created

We designed and are currently implementing the Impact Certification Framework which will track the impact fund to ensure that all investments produce a positive impact.

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