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Mariarita Greenwald

Junior Associate
Impact and ESG

Maria Rita joined PlusValue in June 2022 after finishing her master’s in Advanced Sustainable Design at the University of Edinburgh. She has been researching the nuances of social sustainability and studying strategic solutions to initiate the sustainability transition without shifting the perspective away from themes of socio-gender-racial equity.

Her background in urban planning and urban design gives her comprehensive hands-on knowledge of the material interrelations between the natural environment, urban form, economic and institutional processes, and social livelihood. Her focus, however, moved beyond purely technical responses, towards ideas of community, wellbeing, and social inclusion.

She strongly believes in the need for a more conscious living at the personal and at the community level and has been trying to do her part to shift her behaviours and those of the people around her, always supporting the importance of circularity. Maria Rita loves creating everything and anything with her hands and could spend days fixing something to make something new. She also enjoys cinema, especially slice-of-life films that portray real and very human moments and do not hide the weird and awkward bits that make us, us.

“Conformity is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” - Oscar Wilde

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