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Robert Madelin

Strategic Senior Advisor

Robert Madelin is the Chairman of FIPRA International Ltd, where he brings to bear his direct professional experience in all things European Union, notably IT and life sciences, technology, research and innovation, health, trade and investment, and food and drink.

Robert sits on the International Advisory Council of Teladoc Health, Inc., but is also a non-executive director at Médisanté AG and is a Senior Strategic Adviser to PlusValue Advisory Ltd. Before joining FIPRA in 2016, Robert served over 35 years as a UK, then a European Union, public servant. He was a trade negotiator for over 20 years, and a European Commission Director General for 12.

Robert is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, an Honorary Doctor of the University of Edinburgh and an alumnus Fellow at both the Oxford Department of Politics and International Relations and the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy.

British by birth, French by marriage, Robert was educated in England, and is a graduate from both the University of Oxford and the French Ecole Nationale d’Administration. Robert is author of 'Opportunity Now: Europe's mission to innovate' (2016), ‘An ethical framework for a good AI society’ (2018) and ‘On good AI governance’ (2019).

An expert in the long and the short, having specialised at Oxford in both the works of Proust and the work of the French Revolution’s guillotine.

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