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With Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan and Swiss Business Hub Italy

Switzerland Innovation Ecosystem meets Milan Innovation District (MIND)


December 2021 – February 2022




December 2021 – February 2022


Innovation Ecosystem

Sustainable Finance

Matching partnership opportunities between the Swiss Innovation Ecosystem and MIND

Leveraging on our deep expertise on innovation ecosystems and our work with the Milan Innovation District (MIND), we are conducting a scoping study on behalf of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan and the Swiss Business Hub Italy analysing the MIND innovation ecosystem in relation to the key excellences of Switzerland within three main sectors: Life Science, Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure, and Investments for Innovation and Sustainability. Final aim is to promote collaboration and partnerships between Swiss and Italian actors in the innovation sector.

We are backed by our capabilities on action research in innovation ecosystems, and our first-hand experience in developing innovation districts.

The study will provide insightful inputs for future work, as well as for the Pop-Up House of Switzerland - Milan 2022.

“PlusValue was the creative spark
that brought this entire project to life.”

Head Honcho, Lendlease

Project Goals

Define potential matches

between the Swiss innovation ecosystem and MIND - Milan Innovation District.

Investigate and establish

key macro specialism for Switzerland innovation ecosystem.


key Swiss stakeholders to forecast future innovation trends in Switzerland

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