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With European Commission

T-Factor: meanwhile spaces for inclusive cities

Europe - Milan

2020 - 2024

H2020 Research and Innovation Activity (RIA)

Europe - Milan

H2020 Research and Innovation Activity (RIA)

European Project

Urban regeneration

Social Innovation

Prototyping and testing “meanwhile” spaces in urban regeneration projects

T-Factor challenges waiting times in urban regeneration—the time that elapses between the moment a master plan is adopted and implemented. The European Horizon 2020 project aims at creating new knowledge, tools and approaches to temporary urbanism, demonstrating how culture, creative collaboration and widespread involvement can create dynamic and inclusive centers for urban regeneration, as well as social and economic innovation.

T-Factor works across 8 advanced (Barcelona, Dortmund, Florence, London, Lodz, Marseille, New York, Shanghai) and 6 early-stage (Amsterdam, Bilbao, Milan, London, Lisbon, Kaunas) regeneration initiatives which leverage international collaboration.

PlusValue is the Local Coalition coordinator of Italy’s pilot project: MIND (Milan Innovation District). The overall challenge is to immerse MIND in Milan’s broader environment, creating an inclusive and vivid space of dialogue and innovation.

Temporary use could become fundamental to urban regeneration. Governments, real estate developers, academia, business and grassroots communities could be spurred to creatively collaborate when uncertainty is eliminated, by engaging with proper tools and an institutional framework which promotes sustainable innovation.

Past and Present Call for Tenders

Project impact

€8 billion

total EU financing

6 cities

piloting meanwhile activities


new models and tools for urban regeneration


community activation in MIND - Milan Innovation District

We are proud of...

Identifying Local Pilots’ issues and opportunities

We collected and analysed the key requirements of each Local Pilot to ascertain the most effective meanwhile use strategies. We identified critical issues and opportunities across the projects’ whole value chain, with a specific focus on: the Masterplan; the Legal and Administrative Framework; and the Funding Ecosystem.

Learning needs and strengths of the pilot area

We carried out a series of workshops and events with various stakeholders of the municipalities surrounding MIND (Milano Innovation District) to discover the strengths of the territory and recognise emerging local needs.

“PlusValue was the creative spark
that brought this entire project to life.”

Head Honcho, Lendlease

Advancing strategic policy-making

Our work intends to advance research, policy-making and innovative practices in the emerging field of temporary urbanism by demonstrating that meanwhile spaces are lucrative for both the developer, the city and the wider community.

Group 89 (2)
Group 89 (3)

Creating impact

Meanwhile activities will be monitored and measured according to a detailed impact framework which gauges environmental and societal effects. Our role as pilot coordinator is to ensure that the establishment of the MIND district will take place gradually and in accordance with the needs and participation of the area in its development, bringing added value to the whole community.

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