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2018 - present

Urban Regeneration


Urban Regeneration

2018 - present

Urban regeneration

System Innovation

Impact Strategy

Sustainable Finance


Impact Investing

Social Innovation

Creating a world class innovation district with 400+ partners

We supported Lendlease in transforming the legacy site of Milan's Expo 2015 into one of the most prestigious urban regeneration projects in Europe.

The model we designed for the Milan Innovation District (MIND) satisfied the needs of every stakeholder and ensured that it achieved impact.

We mapped the innovation needs of flagship MIND stakeholders - including public bodies, such as the Università Statale, and private companies like AstraZeneca. By supporting these partners to work together, we created a coherent social-innovation strategy and secured the success of the scheme.

Our work enhanced the value of the real estate and helped to protect MIND from COVID shock.

Project impact

€4.5 billion

public-private investment


expected daily


target to become
net zero carbon

1 million

square metres of regenerated space

We are proud of...

Designing the ecosystem

We identified the strengths and needs of key MIND stakeholders to create an innovation agenda for the region. We then helped to devise the unique 'Federated Innovation @MIND' model, which now protects research and development in the district.

Establishing partnerships

We showcased this new MIND ecosystem to the individual stakeholders and held a series of round-table events at the CEO level. This acted as proof of concept for Lendlease and transformed the commercial desirability of the real estate.

“PlusValue is not a typical consultancy. Its dedication and seemingly unlimited network enable this team to deliver consistently superb results”

Andrea Ruckstuhl, Head of Continental Europe, Lendlease

Securing the investment

By balancing all the public and private goals, we created ideal conditions for the €4.5bn of investment, which underpins the MIND project. The intrinsic value created by our work now helps to protect the scheme from COVID shock.

Group 89 (2)
Group 89 (3)

Creating impact

Our network ensures the benefits of innovation in the district continue to enhance society. This affects every aspect of the scheme (e.g. reframing the presence of a prison into an opportunity for work inclusion). MIND is a beacon for similar EU projects.

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